"I've been training at The Fitness Factory for years, but never really acheived noticeable results until I started training with Nick. We had an immediate connection thru his sense of humor, which makes working out MUCH more fun and productive. My posture has greatly improved, my muscle to fat ratio improved because of the repetitive sets we do (which I never had done before), and his style works for me. I also enjoy how accomodating Nick is to my schedule."

Carol Rabushka   

"Nick has been my fitness advisor for over 10 years now! We've trained at 3-4 different gyms over the years. He's an important part of my healthy lifestyle. He's pretty funny, especially when I don't want to exercise and have the workout blahs; but he ALWAYS gets me to start. I love him."


"I added about 12 lbs.of muscle in 8 weeks, feel better, and I'm ALOT stronger. I sleep better, eat better, and work much for effectively as a music producer. Nick's been my trainer and fitness advisor for about 14 years."

Wayne Sharpe   
»  Los Angeles, CA.  |  

Before starting any new training program, it's always best to get a complete and thorough physical exam and, if possible, a complete vitamin and mineral panel.

The more you know about your body from the inside out, the more efficient and cost-effective your wellness program will be.

A proper training program is also based on your needs, goals, and an in-depth posture analysis examined through an extensive health history evaluation.

In my 30 plus years as a fitness pro, I've seen countless trainers misinform and hurt their clientele with improper techniques, lack of basic fitness knowledge, and implementing the same movements and programs for all their clients, regardless of age and fitness level! We all have different needs, goals, and fitness levels. Understanding these concepts will enable you to decide your type of training, see results quickly, and help you maintain your enthusiasm for exercise without becoming chronically injury-prone.

We'll help you determine your current fitness level before you set your realistic target fitness level and goals.

Fitness Levels

Beginner – You've never worked with a trainer. You may have never exercised consistently. You may be 15 or over 65. Your doctor may have prescribed exercise to fight obesity, diabetes, to ease arthritis, and/or combat a life-threatening illness including depression.

Depending on your doctor's advice and after a thorough fitness evaluation and some testing, you'll be slowly introduced to a training program using a combination of light stretching, some weights, low-intensity cardiovascular movements, and any corrective postural exercises prescribed by a qualified physical therapist.

Many clients find it necessary to begin training in their homes, with little or no equipment, which is very effective.
Intermediate 1 – You're any age, you may or may not have worked with a trainer. You've been working out at least 2-3 days per week fairly consistently for roughly 35-75 minutes for at least 5 years. You don't really stretch, you've been doing the same exercises for years, maybe you take a class occasionally.

Fitness for you is casual, you tend to gain weight fairly easily, have some injuries you train around, and take your time between sets. Most of your training is low-to-moderate intensity. You'd like to get to the next fitness level, but don't know how or aren't motivated.
Intermediate 2 – You like exercise, outdoor sports and the gym; usually work out 3-5 days per week and have been consistent for more than five years. You've worked with a trainer for more than a year at least 1-2 times per week consistently, rarely miss workouts, and usually maintain healthy eating habits.

Your workouts are moderate to intense, and you really sweat. You take little time between sets, incorporate stretching, and may use a variety of workout concepts to achieve your goals. You played sports in high school and/or college.
Intermediate 3 – Fitness for you is a way of life. You thrive on being in great shape. You use a trainer 2-3 days per week and may play a competitive sport or do high-intensity outdoor activities. You use varied-intensity multiple-training concepts for up to 90 minutes per workout.

Your diet is geared towards your training and you use supplements for health and training endurance. Flexibility is important to you, as with your warm-up and cool-down, which promotes training advancements.

Your goals are important, your progress is monitored, you may rest 1-2 days per week. You may need to see results fast for a film role, need to get to an advanced fitness level, need to excel through a "plateau" for a sport, or want to significantly increase your VO2 max.
Advanced – You may be a pro, collegiate or high-level competitive athlete. You derive part or all of your income from sports. You use a trainer 3-5 days per week, use all current competitive sports-specific training techniques, interval training, core training, bodybuilding, and "ratio-cardio" training.

Your diet is impeccable, you don't drink, smoke, and you get enough rest. Your training lasts 90 minutes - 2 ˝ hours per session no less than 6 days per week. You've trained most of your life and played sports since a child. Your main goal is monitored progress and program adherence.

GET STARTED TODAY: Find out more about the different Training Concepts offered by Nick and then receive the FREE Fitness Evaluation to find out which level you're at and what training program would suit you best in order to increase your quality of life.

"After 5 weeks, training only 2 days per week with Nick and 1-2 on my own I was amazed. I lost 4% bodyfat, 1 1/2" off my waist, and 2" off my chest. I found Nick's style of training to be very supportive and motivating. I'm ready to kick it up a notch now."

William S. Bentley      

"I truly amazed myself as well as Nick. By the end of our sessions (20 @ only 2 days per week), I went from a 38" to 33" waist and bodyfat from 16% to 13%. His techniques taught me to build muscle mass while losing weight, fat, and inches. His maturity, knowledge, personality and encouragement made this a terrific experience."

Joel Thurm      

"In 1998 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. The road to recovery and a sense of well-being after the surgery has been a long one but I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Nick, my quality of life wouldn't be as great as it is today. Whereas most people are trying to lose weight, I'm actually working hard on GAINING weight, and Nick has been instrumental in me adding 15 pounds of solid muscle to my slender frame thanks to consistent training and proper nutrition. If you're truly ready to make a commitment to turn your life around - Nick's the real deal and truly a one-stop-shop for all your fitness and nutrition needs."

Max Ghezzi      

"Nick has shown me the proper way to use the Acid/Alkaline food concepts thus enabling me to lose body fat, feel more energized, and look a lot younger."

Theresa Klum      


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