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Here are a few links to resources on the Internet, local businesses, health and fitness practioners, and other assorted Web sites that I have looked into myself and that I personally endorse.

If you believe I might have overlooked a site which you think should be listed here, please E-mail me and I will take a closer look.

Home of the Glycemic Index
The Official Website of the Glycemic Index
and GI Database ¬

Online Glycemic Index Database
Glycemic Index Foods List ¬

Online Resource for Herbs and
Alternative Medicine

Go ahead ASK! You know you want to ¬

Men's Health
The Online version of one the premier
health and fitness magazine ¬
The Internet's largest medical encyclopedia ¬

Virtual Sports Injury Clinic
Information on over 100 sports injuries, and if you are not sure what is causing your pain you can get an 'Online diagnosis' by clicking on a virtual body map corresponding to where on your own body you have your pain ¬

Fitness & Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin
A personal collection of exercise tips, nutrition advice and timely information for making good decisions about your health care ¬


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