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Why do I need a certified personal trainer?
  • Would you drive a car, before you took driving lessons? Of course not!

    Poor exercise technique can lead to short-term and/or chronic or worse; permanent muscle, bone, joint and mental damage.

    Putting thousands of pounds of “improper pressure” and/or using “bad” joint movements would be avoided with the guidance of a qualified fitness trainer.

Do I need to see a doctor before I begin training?
  • Depends on your fitness level and the last time you had a full physical.

    If your last exam was more than a year ago, you’re over 40, more than 20 lbs. overweight, and haven’t worked out in more than a few months; Yes!

    It’s always wise to get a FULL physical including a vitamin and mineral blood panel annually and when you’re starting a new workout program; but not mandatory.

How much are training sessions and how do I pay for them?
  • Excluding gym fees (approx. $10-$17 per session), your cost would be between $50-$125 per session; depending on the duration, location, and if you use a monitored meal program.

    You may qualify for a discount when you pay for a package of more than 10 sessions and pay Online.

    I frequently give FREE sessions to steady clients when they reach their goals.

    You can pay via PayPal (including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discovery), cash or check.

What is a Fitness Evaluation and why do I need one?
  • The Fitness Evaluation is a combination of questions about your current exercise program, lifestyle, and some physical testing (bodyfat, posture analysis).

    This evaluation will determine your current fitness level and aid in designing an effective training program according to your goals. Knowing your goals, we’ll be able to track them more easily.

Can you help me with a meal plan?
  • As a legal disclaimer I obligated to state that I am not a certified dietitian.

    Although, many years of research, trial and error, and courses in sports nutrition have enabled me to effectively design and monitor most types of meal programs.

    I will suggest the best ways and what to eat for your goals.

Can I train with a partner?
  • Yes! As long as your partner has similar goals and You are not too far apart in level of fitness, training with a partner can be very cost-effective, thus making you more inclined to actually work out.

    The peer pressure (in this case a good thing) will push the both of you to perform at a higher level, thus resulting in a better end result.

What kind of training program is best for me?
  • Your Fitness Evaluation, current fitness level, and short/long term goals will determine your type of training program.

How many days per week do I need a trainer?
  • That depends on your finances, goals, and motivational needs.

    Most people use my training services 2-4 days per week. I will also show you what to do when we’re not together.

Can I talk to one of your clients or get referrals before I train?
  • Yes! I will furnish names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers upon request of clients of mine who are willing to speak a word or two about my services.

    Rest assured, I show my clientele the highest level of confidentiality and all my referreals have previously agreed upon to give a testimonial.

    When you become my client it's your choice whether or not you would like to give a testimonial as well to people who are asking for one.

I’m a diabetic, 50 lbs. overweight, have a bad back, asthma, and never used a trainer. I’m afraid of hurting myself. How can you help me?
  • Following a complete Fitness Evaluation and getting the “go-ahead” from your doctor, we will begin with the “basics” and progress slowly.

    We’ll set short term goals and get your body and mind feeling better after each session.

    You’ll lose 1-3 lbs. per week, increase your flexibility and energy levels, sleep better, and strengthen all vital heart and muscle functions.

Can I train in my home or office?
  • Yes! Depending on your goals. In most cases, general conditioning requires no additional equipment. A rubber mat, towel, and bottle of water will do the trick.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel a session?
  • Typically 24 hrs. but no later than the night before.

Which gyms can I train at?
  • There are 6-10 One-on-One personal training facilities that cater to trainers and their clients in a 10 mile radius of West Hollywood, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

Nick during a photo shoot after wrapping up a Corporate Fitness seminar at the Lake Arrowhead Resort for the YPO elite group.

"I decided to train with Nick 2x per week for 90 days using his Interval Training program.

My upper body strength increased a whopping 283%, lower body increased 164%, shoulders increased 2¾", chest increased 2½", my waist DECREASED 1½", and my body fat went down to 18%!

Interval Training has changed my life!"

Santiago Pozo      


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